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Biglow's Burgers, locally-owned is set to open October 2022 in NW Oklahoma City. The 70-seat fast casual restaurant will feature booths, tables and bar seating with carryout and online ordering as an option!​

As the name suggests, the restaurants signature menu item is America's favorite food, burgers, baby! And we do them right! Made with 100% fresh beef from our scratch kitchen and of course paired with our fresh cut seasoned fries!  Guest will have several styles of burger options in addition to other choices! 
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Guest can throwback a cold beer or enjoy a big cup of wine! Yes, a cup! All drinks are served in the iconic red Solo cup to give you that down-to-earth, casual, chilled vibe!  So get ready to markup your cup, fill it up and drink up while enjoying a good burger!  

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Owner, Dawn Lewis

Cooking is a passion of mine and a good burger is my weakness So when I decided to open a restaurant a burger joint was ideal! 

"A good burger is my weakness!"


Biglow's Burgers was inspired by honor to my parents, who are also passionate cooks and burger lovers.  It's my maiden name so it's dear to me.  I remember so clearly my parents cooking burgers for us four kids!  We didn't have a lot of money so food was our joy. My mom would make us 'Poor Man' burgers and my dad would always make humongous burgers which led to the Mr. Big!  Bacon and egg sandwiches and fried chicken among others were also staples in my childhood home which reflects the menu.

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